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Maikel Franco getting the Jimmy Rollins treatment in Lehigh Valley

Every once in a while, a young player ruins the entire sport for himself and every one around him.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

I know we all agreed not to spend the entire 2015 season checking in to see how Jimmy Rollins is doing, so let's just say that this is the last time we'll do it. Sure, he had an epic debut in Dodger Blue, but I'm sure by now they've grown tired of his cocky, fun attitude that they assuredly despise for no reason, as would any completely sane, rational fan base.

So wait, not only has he done other stuff since, but they're still talking about the stuff from before?! They didn't just forget about it the instant it stopped happening and immediately begin looking for reasons to criticize him?! What kind of successful, well-funded clown show are they running out there?!?

Well, no matter, because we have a new brash youngster in our midst, it seems. Maikel Franco, down with the IronPigs in Lehigh Valley, has earned quite the reputation.

Uh oooooh, someone's in troooouuu-ble!

If I know Dave Brundage, and I do not, even by reputation, then I know he's a guy for whom "trotting" is the ultimate offense. Isn't he the minor league manager who once socked a prize horse right in the jaw for walking at a brisk pace? I am 100% sure that he is, and only slightly less sure, percentage wise, that that is a made up fact.

Franco is not widely known as a slacker by any means, and he is not reported to have some kind of crappy attitude - not like that Jimmy Rollins, right guys? - so I think it's fair to assume that he is a bust and his lazy approach to not Playing the Game the Right Way will cause any natural talent he may have possessed to wither and die.

So close the book on him, Philadelphia. Next up, J.P. Crawford. What's that? Injured?! Guy's a bum!