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Game 13 Open Thread: Phillies at Nationals

What is this feeling, so sudden and new?

We wonned!
We wonned!
Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

So *this* is what it feels like when the Phillies win a game! Last night, when the last out was gathered, I was flooded with this strange sensation. Upon further examination, I realized it was "happiness". I'd been told that you could feel this way about baseball, but after a six-game losing streak during which the Phillies played miserably, I doubted that I'd ever get to feel that way again. We should all thank Ian Desmond for contributing to our happiness today. Thank you, Ian!

But here we all are, post-win, remembering that yes, the Phillies have some good things going for them. Aaron Harang has been shockingly exceptional thus far. Cody Asche, Freddy Galvis, and Odubel Herrera have had limited success in these early season games. And the bullpen is a beacon in this dark night of rebuilding.

Now that our loins are sufficiently girded, let's take a look at today's lineup.

Today's Lineups

Odubel Herrera - CF Denard Span - CF
Freddy Galvis - SS Ian Desmond - SS
Cody Asche - 3B Jayson Werth - LF
Jeff Francoeur - RF Bryce Harper - RF
Ryan Howard - 1B Ryan Zimmerman - 1B
Carlos Ruiz - C Wilson Ramos - C
Cesar Hernandez - 2B Danny Espinosa - 3B
Ben Revere - LF Dan Uggla - 2B
David Buchanan - RHP Stephen Strasburg - RHP

Oh crap it's David Buchanan. Well, maybe today will be that day David rediscovers his special 2014 pitching formula. Cesar Hernandez is in for a resting Chase Utley, so Cody Asche is hitting third today. Ryan Howards slides up to the fifth spot in the lineup, because why not. Ben Revere is starting today, and hitting way back at eighth.

If the Phillies win today, they can split this four-game series. A win today would at least put off the next inevitable losing streak for one more game. So go Phils!

Discuss the game in the comments below.