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Ryne Sandberg says Phillies aren't quite in a 'Domonic Brown' place just yet

Are you ready for the Phillies outfielder to come back?! Well the manager isn't.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Domonic Brown's Achilles tendinitis problem has kept him away from the Phillies as they storm their way into last place alongside the terrible Washington Nationals. But now, as he rehabs with the IronPigs, it's clear he's on the mend and his bat is getting hot hot hot.

As the experts are all saying, this Phillies lineup is one .118 hitter away from putting it all together, so this is welcome news. In fact, Brown may be the .118 hitter who finally forces Grady Sizemore off the roster. Sizemore, who is making $2 million, is hitting .133 in 31 PA.

Finally, the Phillies can look forward to a full strength roster with a Ben Revere-Odubel Herrera-Dom Brown outfield. Aren't you excited, Ryne Sandberg?!

Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg said today at Busch Stadium that while there has been no official conversations about Brown's status, "from what I've seen I don't know that he's ready for Major League pitching or to come up and really give us a punch the way that things have gone for him there."

--Todd Zolecki

Once he's activated off the 15-day DL, Brown could also just be kept at Lehigh Valley, because, you know. He's not really hitting the baseball. And yet another chapter of Domonic Brown's twisted, harrowing professional baseball narrative begins!

Brown, who had told reporters he expected to join the team, was further chastised by his manager when Sandberg said that his outfielder should probably not comment until official decisions have been made "unless he's a player-GM."

So to answer your question, yes, the Phillies communicating/team chemistry is off the charts!