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Russian mystic who inherited Dom Brown's Twitter account weighs in

We're pulling in info from all sources.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Most of you probably recall how Brown was run off Twitter by hate-spewing internet mongrels for liking a football team different from the football team that they liked. Weeks ago, we attempted to decipher the mysterious code in which the tweeter who took over Domonic Brown's Twitter handle, @dom9brown, communicates.

It turns out that code was "Russian," and it's spoken by 155 million people on the planet. Needless to say, we turned to "Игошев Олег" for his take on Domonic Brown's disappearance from the Lehigh Valley IronPigs in the wake of a dispute with the Phillies. His retweet of a man doing a somersault on a glowing bicycle in a city street did not provide much context.

Fortunately, Игошев Олег tweeted around 4:30 this afternoon, no doubt pressed into expressing his views on social media by the Dom Brown-centric events of the last few days.

TRANSLATION: "I fast, pray, and firmly believe."

As do we all, друг. As do we all.