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Out Of The Phight Episode IV

Turning away from roster moves, I waded into the lineup construction for the first time with some suggestions from the internet. What happened next will surprise you.

One does not simply take Chase Utley out of the lineup into Mordor
One does not simply take Chase Utley out of the lineup into Mordor
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It totally will surprise you.

Previously, on Out Of The Phight, I have been employing roster moves, trades and such like collected from folks in the comments here and on Twitter. It's not gone terribly, with the OOTPhils starting this week with a record of only 11-19, but with some impressive roster pieces.


Of course, it's one thing to construct a juggernaut roster like that, but putting it to use is an entirely different kind of flying, altogether.

It's an entirely different kind of flying.

Needless to say, I turned to Twitter.

Unfortunately for me, Scott neglected to define what positions these poor souls should be stuck in. Luckily, I was able to make some educated guesses.


The pitcher's spot is blank because this is the National League, not those heathen AL fascists with the designated hitters and such, and also because this isn't 1885, and I don't have Old Hoss Radbourne (what a get that would be, hint!).

So, let's see what Scott's lineup was worth!


The table doesn't show this, because I'm an idiot, but Scott's lineup went 6-4, taking two from the Mets, three from the Pirates and a win over Arizona. Not exactly powerhouse teams, but still, 6-4 is a damn sight better than 11-19. Have to file this one for the future.

So what else do we have on hand?

Interesting approach. Marty, notably, left Chase Utley out of his lineup altogether, and being that as of this point, Chase was rocking a .910 OPS, I'm not sure that's wise, especially to start Sean Coyle in his place. But okay!


Same caveats as before regarding positions. Also, I have to point out that during game two of this series, Cody Asche took exception to being hit by a pitch, and charged the mound, resulting in a 10-game suspension. Taking a little executive privilege, I put Utley in his spot, and shifted Coyle to 3B.

In game three, then, Dom Brown was diagnosed with "Chronic Shoulder soreness," and was out for three weeks. In game six, Raul Ibanez suffered a Hip Flexor strain, and in game ten, Shane Victornio suffered an oblique strain. Needless to say, this lineup was snakebit.

But how'd they do?


Surprisingly well. The same 6-4, in fact. They didn't gain much ground in the division, but closed slightly on the Barves.

That said, I think that Baseba'al was clearly unhappy with the attempt to keep Utley out of the lineup. Hopefully we can restore order with some fried chicken sacrifices, and maybe some rum for Jo Bu. In the meantime, I'm switching the lineup around again quickly, before anyone else gets hurt.

That's all for this abbreviated edition of #OutOfThePhight. As always, if there's anything (and I mean anything, remember, Pete Rose is our bench coach and Pat Burrell is the Asst. GM, so anything means anything) you want to see us try, leave it in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter @Phrozen_, @TheGoodPhight and use the hashtag #OutOfThePhight.

See ya next time!