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You Harang?: Game Preview, April 29, 2015

So that hope from yesterday, uh, please just transfer it over to today?

Physical perfection.......
Physical perfection.......
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Did you know that prospects can't be trusted? Now you do! It's a real crummy feeling to have a prospect blow up, even if we have low expectations. But you know what's slightly more fun? The feeling of watching a veteran on a marginal contract succeed! Aaron Harang up in heah.

That's right, we're looking for the series win against the Best Fans in Baseball with ol Long and Lanky himself on the mound. And against the young buck in Carlos Martinez? Oh, friends. This is a regular Clint Eastwood movie about an old regular's last ride.

Probably Pitchers

Aaron Harang -- Here's some things you may not have guessed about Aaron Harang at the beginning of the year: he has a 1.71 ERA; he has a 2.72 FIP; he's striking out 7.18 batters per nine; and he barely lets up any home runs. He's maybe been the best pitcher in the Phillies rotation, including Cole Hamels. It''s surprising. And hopefully it keeps up tonight against the Red Birds and until July, when he gets traded for someone...well, maybe hopefully not irrelevant! Go rebuild!

Carlos Martinez -- Okay, look, Carlos Martinez has a 1.35 ERA, and that's better than Aaron Harang. And he's striking out more than 9 men per nine innings. But he's walking a lot more than Aaron, and he's giving up more than a homer per nine innings. So his FIP his 4.04, which is much worse than Harang's. I guess what I'm saying is...Harang for Martinez who says no?!