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Bad as they're gonna be: The 2015 Phillies spring training recap

They say preseason numbers don't matter, but a lot of the numbers coming out of the Phillies' 2015 Grapefruit League campaign are appropriately dire.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Is it the end of spring training already? Goodness, what a romp it's been. Remember when Ben Revere moved to left field? And a Rule 5 pick took over in center? And that Rule 5 pick went on to lead the league in getting picked off (I assume)?

We'll certainly think back on how the Phillies lost one of their best players and their best prospect to injuries this past month. And don't forget fan favorite Chase Utley added an epilogue to his yearly preseason health issues! Mario Hollands suffered setbacks, Domonic Brown won't be available opening day and Grady Sizemore will likely make the team! Miguel Cabrera stole the Phanatic's ATV keys, and will be out for the season after the Phillies mascot lost control and tore off part of the Tigers star's head. How about that brawl with the Pirates that Kevin Slowey started? Or Ben Revere's tall tales? And look at that Cole Hamels! Isn't he just aces? Give us a wave, Cole!

Ha ha, all right.

Yes, it was a wonderful wealth of memories to forget about when the real shit starts. And the Phillies will be bringing some shit to the ballpark this year, as they hinted at this past month - no, I don't just mean nine-patty cheeseburgers or hard liquor! But Ryne Sandberg believes that a shift to Philadelphia is just what the team needs, so they can be closer to the fans and the columnists who believe in them, and also where things have never been better.

Now, we don't have to take a look at all the stats, summing up a 12-17 preseason that was actually a lot worse than it looks (Since March 19, they were outscored 97-56 and went 4-10-1), but it looks like I already did:

Team Stats

RUNS SCORED: 114 (4th lowest in Majors)


HITS: 236 (4th lowest in Majors)

BB: 71 (4th lowest in Majors)

TEAM BA: .233

TEAM OBP: .288

TEAM SLG: .347

XBH: 64 (2nd lowest in Majors)

TB: 352 (2nd lowest in Majors)

GIDP: 20


DOUBLE DIGIT LOSS DEFICITS: 3 (16-4 to Orioles, 10-0 to Yankees, 18-4 to Pirates)


Team Leaders (minimum 30 AB)

BA: Chase Utley (.419 in 31 AB)

OBP: Chase Utley (.486 in 31 AB)

SLG: Chase Utley (.871 in 31 AB)

H: Odubel Herrera (22)

2B: Cameron Rupp (5)

3B: Andres Blanco and Cord Phelps (1)

HR: Chase Utley (4)

SB: Odubel Herrera (6)

BB: Cord Phelps (9)

SO: Ryan Howard (22)

  • The Phillies wanted a good look at Herrera, and they got it, giving him 62 AB this spring, behind only regulars Ryan Howard, Freddy Galvis, and Ben Revere. If we cut it off at a minimum of 50 AB, Herrera is the team leader in almost all offensive categories.
  • David Buchanan made a statement with his 1.000/1.000/1.000 slash line and 2.000 OPS, but did not reach the qualifying number of AB.
  • Probable team-maker Grady Sizemore: .208/.296/.208, 10 H, 5 SO, 4 BB in 48 AB, led team in HBP (2)
  • Ryan Howard led the team in number of pitches seen with 140! Though he also led the team in strikeouts with 22. Still, though, that shows patience, right? The guy behind him, Cesar Hernandez, saw a total of 109 pitches. So Howard was taking his time. And then, you know. Striking out. (UPDATE: I'm told this information is basically useless).
  • Cody Asche, missing four games with a tight back, returned March 30, and went 2-for-9 with three strikeouts.
  • Cameron Rupp won the backup catching job, cutting like a hot Rupp through butter through the likes of Koyie Hill and Rene Garcia. The 26-year-old hit .323/.400/.484 in 31 AB and, as noted above, was somehow the team leader in doubles.
  • Ben Revere, whose legs existed only as a blur last spring, was hogtied by Sandberg, stealing only three bases in four attempts. It was Herrera who the manager turned loose, and the 23-year-old was never thrown out in six tries. Also stealing a base this month were Rupp, Carlos Ruiz, and Darin Ruf.
  • Chase Utley hit a home run in four straight at-bats.
And so, a team heads north to begin a long-dreaded regular season, right after they play two more exhibition games in Citizens Bank Park. Who knows what will happen? You certainly don't. That should concern you more.