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2015 TGP Over/Under/Never

It's that time of year again, when members of TheGoodPhight family join forces to further embarrass Phrozen for his inability to make accurate predictions!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the 2015 TheGoodPhight Over/Under/Never Roundup and Antique Tractor Rally! In this year's contest, it will be exactly the same as last year, with the exception of different events and, instead of not having actual chili, we will not have actual antique tractors.

Or, you know, unless you do have an antique tractor, in which case you probably win.

If you've seen this before, you know the drill. If not, we have a selection of events and corresponding dates, with varying levels of plausibility. Your task is to judge whether the event will take place before (under), after (over) its given date, or not occur at all (never). If an event occurs on its date, it will count as an over. This is for the 2015 season and playoffs, if applicable, so neither Spring Training nor winter ball are counted.

The Events!

  1. Larry Bowa loses his shit again! This is obviously somewhat subjective, so TheGoodPhight staff will make the final determination, but something along the lines of this past weeks foolishness would make the cut. - April 26th. (Note: inspiration for this event comes from Prof Bob, here)
  2. Maikel Franco called up and makes his first game appearance (any game played counts, even if he does not bat). - June 1st.
  3. Ken Giles records his 100th career Major League strikeout (needs 36) - June 1st.
  4. Chase Utley hits his 50th career triple (needs two) - June 15th.
  5. Ryan Howard hits his 350th career home run (needs 16) - July 1st.
  6. Cole Hamels is traded. And we get sad - July 31st.
  7. Ben Revere hits his second home run of the season (inside-the-park counts) - August 20th.
  8. Aaron Nola is called up and makes his first appearance - September 5th.
  9. J.P. Crawford is called up and makes his first appearance - September 5th.
  10. Utley records his 150th career stolen base (needs 11) - September 15th.
  11. "Now pitching for the [team], Cliff Lee." (a pitching appearance for any team at any level) - October 4th.
And the usual collection of Phrozen's dumb bonus rounds...
The Phormer Phillies Around the League Bonus Round:
  1. Jimmy Rollins' 10,000 career plate appearance (needs 489) - September 1st.
  2. Kyle Kendrick's 150th career home run allowed (needs seven) - June 1st.
  3. Jayson Werth's 200th career home run (needs 14) - August 1st.
The MLB Leaderboard Bonus Round:
  1. The ML leader in pitching strikeouts, and how many.
  2. The ML leader in home runs, and how many.
  3. The ML leader in combined rWAR (pitchers and hitters, from, and how much.
The Phillies Totals Bonus Round:
  1. Phillies Regular Season Record (last year: 73-89, closest wins)
  2. Total Regular Season attendance at Citizen's Bank Park (last year: 2,423,852, closest wins).
  3. The total number of Phillies players with at least one game played (last year: 49, closest wins).
Well there you go, folks. Let's have your predictions! This post will remain open for comments for about 10 days, but if you enter after the season starts, you won't be credited for anything that happened prior to your post.