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Opening Night Open Thread: Cardinals at Cubs

Baseball is here!

This is a romantic comedy waiting to happen.
This is a romantic comedy waiting to happen.
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The long winter is finally over. At long last, baseball is back. No, it's not the Phillies (yet), but it's baseball and that's close enough.

Tonight, we get to watch the first meaningful baseball game in more than six months. The Cardinals and the Cubs will send out their big arms and usher in the regular season. Adam Wainwright will square off against Jon Lester at Wrigley Field, for Lester's first Opening Day (Night?) in anything but a Red Sox uniform. Also sporting new fashions for the 2015 season: Joe Maddon, who has traded his Rays uniform for some snappy Cubs pinstripes, and Jason Heyward, who hopefully burned his ugly Braves uniform on his way to St. Louis.

The Cubs are getting better fast, but they're not quite ready to hang with the likes of the Cardinals, who have been good for what seems like eons and don't show any sign of slowing down. But tonight, it's just one game. In one game, anything could happen.

Happy baseball, folks! Discuss the game in the comments below.