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Adopt-A-Team: Let's Root for Good Baseball

I hear there's this thing called competitive baseball out there....somewhere......anywhere......Bueller?

In 2015, we'll all need a hug, or maybe just another team.
In 2015, we'll all need a hug, or maybe just another team.
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Hey did you guys see that game on Monday? How about them Phillies??

Yes, I agree, we should wrap the 2015 season in a carpet and throw it off the Ben Franklin in the small hours.

But with that in mind, we still have a whole baseball season ahead of us, and while we at The Good Phight will continue to stand with and follow the Phillies to the bitter end, that doesn't mean our wandering baseball eye won't find some pretty teams to look at in the meantime. And it is with this lecherous spirit in mind that I introduce The Good Phight's Adopt-A-Team, where we take on a different team in the AL and in the NL, in the hopes that weekly updates and once-a-week recaps will somehow remind us of what competitive baseball is like.

I have taken a bit of an executive role with this (inasmuch as I have decided this is a good idea and not crazy or dumb, against the better angels of my nature), and so I made an executive decision: in the AL, our Adopt-A-Team is the Seattle Mariners. They're fun, young, and they have nice pitching and hitting. Also, the SBNation blog for the M's, Lookout Landing, is a perma-classic. And their twitter community is fun to boot. Who wouldn't want to see permanent skeptic Patrick Dubuque happy for once? Not me, and so the M's are our pick.

But the NL, I want to put to a vote. There are so many fun and interesting teams in the NL -- Dodgers, Pirates, Cubs, Padres, etc, etc -- and there's a lot to hate about each and every one of them too. So unlike the relatively anodyne AL, I figured I'd let this one play out in the court of public opinion. So vote below! Which of the teams in the NL (and I left out the loathsome NL East) would you like to root for? Remember, weekly updates and once-weekly recaps from yours truly await so choose wisely!