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Recap Interrupted: Mets 3, Phillies 2

In a surprisingly watchable game, despite the apparent lack of superheroes, the Phillies dropped a close one to the Mets, 3-2. This would have been a lot more painful to see a few years ago, but now, this year, I'm sad I missed it.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Apologies for the lateness and briefness of this recap, folks. We at TheGoodPhight had some internal miscommunications regarding recap ownership for this evening (read: your author is a dumbass who forgot that it's Mother's Day weekend).

The Phillies lost 3-2 to the Mets, in what was apparently a very watchable game. Lacking the star power of yesterday's arbitrary Batharvey vs Superhamels duel, this game featured reasonably solid pitching on both sides, lead changes and a close score throughout.

Aaron Harang pitched another quallity start, allowing only two earned runs (and one unearned) in seven innings, with only a pair of strikeouts, but also only one walk. Jon Niese also finished seven for New York, was tagged for two unearned runs, but struck out six against one walk.

More details may possible follow tomorrow morning. I apologize again for this nonsense.