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Mets save Mother's Day from being ruined by awful Phillies

Thanks to the heroics of Bartolo Colon, the Phillies did not wreck any of the Mets' moms' Mother's Day.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Though the Mets consistently dangled today's series finale in front of the Phillies, they always seemed to amass the offense to put it just out of reach. Following their victory, Mets starter Bartolo Colon made a statement.

"Thank you," the world's matriarchs replied, their days not ruined from seeing a last place team surprise and overwhelm the lovable Mets. But of course, Mother's Day in baseball means two things: Pink bats and interviews with players' moms, and truly, the Phillies knew what exactly what all mothers out at Citizens Bank Park today wanted.

It is also a day when the Phanatic annually destroys his mother's trust.

For the actual game, Chad Billingsley took the mound, and the Phillies broadcast beamed a picture of he and his mother on screen at some sort of formal event. Tom McCarthy guessed it was prom. Did Tom McCarthy go to prom with his mother? Who knows. One thing was for sure today, however: Chad meant Billingsness.*

After three clean innings, it was Billingsley who opened the scoring with a line drive home run off the left field foul pole, exciting the day game crowd for less than an entire half of an inning, as the Mets tied the game 1-1 in the top of the fourth.

The Phillies would not go quietly, however, and after Chase Utley's leadoff double (his first ever 2015 XBH) in the bottom of the inning that raised his batting average to .117, they were looking to make trouble for Colon. With two outs, Grady Sizemore came to the plate, and instead of just leaving the field of play in protest of the highly unethical medical procedures currently keeping Sizemore's body in one piece, Colon must have elected to pitch underhand or something because Sizemore singled in Utley to re-take the lead, 2-1.

The Phillies re-lost the lead almost immediately, thanks to a Curtis Granderson two-run home run in the fifth, and after giving up back-to-back doubles to start the sixth to make it 4-2, Billingsley was removed from the game. Seconds later, on Justin De Fratus' watch, Cameron Rupp sent a streaking missile into left field as Kirk Nieuwenhuis stole third base and ran home to make it 5-2.

Despite trimming the deficit to one with the help of Cody Asche's first hit in 23 at-bats, the Phillies could only watch as a man named Johnny Monell hit a bases-loaded double off Jeanmar Gomez to make it 7-4. The Phillies needed only seven more batters at the plate to end the game, the sole extension from the minimal being Cesar Hernandez's inevitably pointless single to start the bottom of the ninth.

The Phillies lose another series, but unlike last time were not swept by the Mets. Now, they're 1-5 against them for the season, and only got outscored 11-9 over the past three days! Plus, Chad Billingsley is here, and his ERA after throwing five innings is still a single digit! Barely (9.00), but still! Progress! Progress? Whatever. Let's go lose somewhere else.

*This is a combination of the words "Billingsley" and "business." It is not okay.

Source: FanGraphs