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Phillies Stat Notes: Tightening their grip on the bottom

The Phillies are now the leader in the race for the 2016 #1 overall pick. That's mostly due to a sweep of last place in the major hitting stats.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports


If the season ended today, the Phillies would get the #1 overall pick in the 2016 draft.

They are tied with the Milwaukee Brewers for the worst record in MLB, but the Phils would get the pick because they had a worse 2014 record than the Brewers.

MLB Standings

The gap in run differential between the Phils and the second worst team is now up to 13: the Phillies are at -60, vs. the Rockies' -47.

The pythagorean projection based on that run differential puts them on pace for a 46-116 record.


NL Standings and Key Stats

The Pirates are similar to the team that just left town -- they've gotten very good pitching (though not quite as good as the Mets), but their hitting has been even worse than New York's. As a result, they've been meandering around .500 so far:


Phillies Stats vs. last year, and vs. the Pirates


The Phils have done it -- they are now sweeping last place in all of they key offensive stats, and that "14" next to their record? They're tied for last in that as well.

Hitting with RISP:

Over the last 14 games, the Phils are hitting .273 with runners in scoring position to raise their season-to-date number to .214 (still last in the NL). The NL average so far this year is .261.


Fangraphs team hitting stats


While the Pirates hitting isn't much better than that of the Phillies, their pitching is among the best in the league:


Fangraphs team pitching stats

Phillies Hitters

Revere has now passed Herrera despite a much lower BABIP. And at least Utley can now say he's no longer last on this list...


Fangraphs stats

Phillies Pitchers

A table of Phils pitchers is in the works, but for now here are their fangraphs stats.


Chase Utley

- With a Hit by Pitch yesterday, Utley tied Carlos Delgado for 14th on the all-time list, at 172. His next one will tie 19th century outfielder Curt Welch at #13.

- His next double (2nd this year) will tie Chuck Klein for 6th in franchise history (336), and the one after that will tie Sherry Magee for 5th at 337.

Ryan Howard

- Howard's homerun on Friday tied Jack Clark for 94th all-time at 340.

- He needs two more (8 on the year) to tie Ron Santo with 342 at #93.

Carlos Ruiz

- Over the weekend Chooch reached 3,000 ABs, becoming the 6th catcher in team history to reach that round number:

4,141 - Mike Lieberthal (1994-2006)
3,832 - Red Dooin (1902-14)
3,729 - Jack Clements (1884-97)
3,690 - Bob Boone (1972-81)
3,504 - Darren Daulton (1983-97)
3,006 - Carlos Ruiz (2006-15)

Cole Hamels

- Friday's start was the 281st of Hamels' career, passing Grover Cleveland Alexander for 4th all-time in Phillies history:

1) S. Carlton 499
2) R. Roberts 472
3) C. Short 301
4) C. Hamels 281
5) G. Alexander 280

Always-a-Phillie Jimmy Rollins

- With a run scored yesterday, Rollins passed Pee Wee Reese for 7th most among shortstops, and passed Reese and Lave Cross for 108th all-time.

- His next hit (20th this year) will tie Dave Concepcion for 14th among shortstops at 2326.
- His next double will be the 484th of his career and will tie him for 73rd all-time with Hal McRae. In the 48 years from 1951 to 1998, some matched it but no one surpassed the 54 doubles that McRae hit in 1977.
- Two more extra base hits (10 for the year) will tie Jose Canseco for 105th all-time.
- He needs two more RBIs for 900 in his career.

And finally

Mitch Williams mentioned this morning on 94 WIP that he was the all-time leader on this list...

Pitchers with most innings pitched in the majors, having allowed more walks than hits: