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Sean O'Sullivan halts baseball in its path with bare hand

Sean O'Sullivan gave up three runs and five hits, but not on this line drive.

"And his teammates gazed upon him as though he were a witch."
"And his teammates gazed upon him as though he were a witch."

Sean O'Sullivan was likely frustrated, having just given up a double to Franicisco Cervelli in the top of the second of last night's game. It allowed the Pirates to send A.J. Burnett out to hit, turning the lineup over and robbing O'Sullivan of a likely out to start the next inning. Plus, who enjoys giving up hits to Francisco Cervelli? He's already well known for having the most alarmingly punchable smile in all of baseball.

All O'Sullivan needed was one out, though, so he was probably figuring on dispatching of Burnett pretty easily. Instead, he dispatched of him pretty awesomely.

Yes, in a season when it's very easy to become disinterested and demoralized and start messing with our phones during games, it's cool to see the Phillies make a top play. I think everyone can agree they'll never forgot where they were when what's-his-name caught the, uh...

[Distracted on phone]

...the thing. The catch.