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Game 36 Open Thread: Pirates at Phillies

It's series-splitting time. Send in Harang.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Coming down off Jeff Francoeur's heroic, game-ending outfield assist, the Phillies turn to their hottest trade chip in Aaron Harang to split the four-game series with the Pirates. Apologies to any time travelers from earlier in the 2010s for whom that sentence may have been jarring and demoralizing. Yes, this is how things are/who is on the team now. Also, there's a new Mad Max movie.

Harang has already made seven starts, but only surrendered 12 earned runs, two home runs, and nine walks while striking out 31. Vance Worley, going for the Pirates (Yes, time traveler, the Vanimal isn't a thing anymore, just go back to your time and wait for Christopher Nolan's Batman movies to come out), has allowed more earned runs (18) in fewer innings (35) and his SO/W is at a not-good 1.77. In 30 games, he has a 3.74 ERA at Citizens Bank Park, but in his only ever start against the Phillies, he allowed four runs in five innings.

Here's hoping Worley's pitches don't start suddenly working again. Anyways, good luck time travelers. Don't get in the way of your parents meeting.

Today's Lineups

Gregory Polanco - RF Ben Revere - LF
Josh Harrison - LF Freddy Galvis - SS
Neil Walker - 2B Chase Utley - 2B
Starling Marte - CF Ryan Howard - 1B
Pedro Alvarez - 1B Cesar Hernandez - 3B
Jung-Ho Kang - 3B Grady Sizemore - RF
Jordy Mercer - SS Odubel Herrera - CF
Chris Stewart - C Cameron Rupp - C
Vance Worley - RHP Aaron Harang - RHP