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The Nix best thing: Phillies bring back Jayson Nix

A lack of third base depth in the minors has forced the Phillies to sign noted space-filler Jayson Nix.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies recently promoted Maikel Franco to play third base for their big league team, something you have to know if you bothered to come to this web site. Who is behind Franco at third base, though, to replace him on the IronPigs?

Well, there's Cody Asche, but he's not a third baseman anymore. Those days are over. It'd be surprising if Cody Asche could even find third base in an infield anymore. To him, it's just a fantastic dreamscape that is quickly fading from his memories.

Meanwhile, Lehigh Valley has a hot corner to fill. There's Edgar [checks documents] Duran, who I believe is a shortstop, but could have played third with no one else available. However, Duran just hit the DL with a hamstring strain. So the Phillies had to reach into the low-cost pool of warm bodies and pulled out our old friend Jayson Nix, a utility infielder who hit .154 with 18 strikeouts in 39 at-bats for the Phillies last year.

He left the team and caught on with the Pirates and Royals, winding up in the Orioles' preseason camp this year. Thus is the life of a career minor leaguer and bench player who struggles to keep his BA over .200. His signing is one of general housekeeping and nothing more, as was explained multiple times this morning.

In conclusion, the Phillies signed the 32-year-old Nix to be their shortstop for the future, and will likely be leaving J.P. Crawford in an empty field some time later today.