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Poor Chad Billingsley heading back to DL in heartbreaking turn of events

Following an encouraging six-inning performance in his last start, Billingsley's hopes for good health were, naturally, dashed.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, you know. Crap.

The Phillies starting pitching options were already thin - indeed, they acquired guys like Aaron Harang and Chad Billingsley to fill a few holes. Billingsley has been working to make himself ready to pitch for months, following double elbow surgeries that have kept him out of the game for a while.

His first start wasn't great, but his last one saw some signs of improvement. If he could be just okay, then he'd be doing his job. He allowed two earned runs in six innings and everybody nodded at each other in satisfaction. It's right now, at the end of a five-game win streak, a series sweep, and a Phillies Instagram Post of the Year frontrunner from Ben Revere that we are at our most hopeful. And then, of course.

With David Buchanan's injury at Triple A earlier today, things are looking as flimsy as ever. So what are we dealing with in terms of replacements? Severino Gonzalez again? The new (again) and improved (perhaps) Phillippe Aumont? [whispering] Aaron Nola? [beaten with sticks].

Reliever Hector Neris is the immediate roster replacement, coming up from Lehigh Valley as we speak. Apparently Gonzalez is supposed to pitch Wednesday, so he seems to be the natural choice to take Billingsley's place.

Have a good 15 days, Chad. Oof.