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Hamels Ascendant: Phillies at Marlins Preview, May 2

Hamels and Haren: HaHa

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

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So yesterday was a drag, huh? Not only did Kenny Giles pitch more than one inning, not only did Ryne Sandberg prove he can't manage, but the hated Marlins won opposite Tom freaking Koehler. The Phils lost to a dang appliance. Grim.

Today's gonna be different though, I can feel it! For one, Cole Hamels is pitching in Marlins Park, which should be a pretty nice combo. And two, well, I guess there probably is going to be less offense, so the game should end differently than 4-3. That's...that's a difference right?

In any case, on to the real dirt.

Probable Pitchers

Cole Hamels -- What's there to say about Cole Hamels that hasn't been said about the many trade candidates around the league? He's good at his job, the calendar has switched to May, and he's playing to get out of town. I think he'll carve the Marlins up, but I've been wrong before (haha no I haven't).

Dan Haren -- Dan Haren is this mystery I've never really been able to figure out. Ever since his insane 2011 with the Angels, he's been a 4-ish FIP pitcher with a 4-ish ERA. And he's had great strikeout and walk rates with terrible home run rates in Anaheim, Washington, and Los Angeles, three pretty good parks for fly ball pitchers. And hey, he's doing it again in Miami. If the Phillies could hit home runs, we'd have a stew cookin here.

DFS Play of the Day

Ryan Howard -- At a meager 2,700 dollars, he's probably worth the risk in Miami. And against Haren? Who gives up home runs in good pitchers' parks? Yeah, I'm down.

J.T. Realmuto -- Let's be real, we shouldn't really trust anyone against Hamels if he's on. But if he's not on, maybe go with the guy who's cheap, unheralded, and a decent hitter at a weak position.