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A Bridge Too Far: Rockies 6, Phillies 5

I'm not sure if tonight's game was a Bridge Too Far, a Bridge Over the River Kwai or the Bridge at Remagen, but one thing's for sure, it was a Bridge Over Troubled Water. Sorry.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Riding a season-high six game win streak, the Phillies were stymied in their hunt for seven straight by the Rockies, their own bullpen and a 40-degree day.

Aaron Harang pitched six strong innings, scattering three hits and three walks around seven strikeouts. The three runs he was charged with were unearned, thanks to an error on Maikel Franco (though it was originally, and somewhat oddly, charged to Ryan Howard; h/t to Phil Ease). The Phillies rebounded with three runs of their own; RBI doubles from Chase Utley and Carlos Ruiz in the second, and an RBI single from Franco in the third; keeping the score even at three after the third.

When Harang was done, however, the bullpen, like so many Ray Bradbury Firemen, promptly set everything on fire. Jake Diekman started off strong, with two strikeouts, before allowing a single to DJ LeMahieu, a walk to Charlie Blackmon and a two run double to Troy Tulowitzki. 5-3 Rockies.

Now, should Diekman have been facing Tulowitzki in a close game? No, probably not. But he did, and was unable to retire him. Of course, Grady Sizemore's defense didn't help. Oh well.

But, hey, it's only the seventh. Still time. At Coor's Field, there's always time. Freddy Galvis led off with a single, and Jeff Francoeur followed with another. Ryan Howard struck out on a wild pitch, and Galvis and Francoeur were able to move up, allowing Franco to single them both in.

5-5, with only one out.

Chase Utley followed with a walk, and Odubel Herrera was hit by a pitch (or he convincingly sold the knob of his bat getting hit), to load the bases for Ruiz... who grounded into a double play. For the second time tonight.

In the bottom of the 8th, Justin de Fratus came on to pitch... and allowed a go ahead home run to Nick Hundley.

Two quick grounders and a popup later, the Phils' win streak was finished.


Source: FanGraphs

The win drops Philadelphia to 17-24, a half game ahead of Miami in the NL East. Tomorrow, in the third of four games in Colorado (and the last late-night special), the Phils will send Severino Gonzalez to the hill against the Rox' Eddie Butler.