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Meet the New Boss, Same As The Old Boss: Phillies at Rockies Preview, May 20

Prospects Will Break Your Heart

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You know what they say about pitching prospects, right? You know how there's no such thing as pitching prospects? You ever hear that chestnut? Huh? Huh???????

Yeah, well, just because it's obnoxiously parroted by every talent evaluator both professional and armchair doesn't make it any less true. Eddie Butler was the future ace that would join other future ace Jonathan Gray in anchoring a new Rockies rotation: One That Didn't Suck. As it happens, both pitchers look a little less than likely to fulfill that promise, with Butler the only one in the bigs, and Gray laboring in the minors. Maybe they'll do it, or maybe life will make fools of us all and give Severino Gonzalez the better career? Or maybe they'll all be bad!


Probable Pitchers:

Severino Gonzalez: Sev. Severino. Severino Makin Copiiies. Severinoramaaaaa.

Sev has a 1.93 ERA right now, which is pretty tremendous, and there's no reason he can't continue that effort against a relatively punchless Rockies lineup. That said, the guy is of the Tyler Cloyd school of replacable Iron Pig, so don't count on too terribly long a hot streak. But he has some K potential and some ability, so maybe he grows into being a 3/4 kind of guy. Hell, let's be optimists!

Eddie Butler: As Eliot should have been a pair of claws scuttling on the ocean floor, Butler should have been a Twins prospect with his abysmal K/9 and bad walk rate. That said, as recently as 2013 the guy looked the part of the 9 k/9, 2 BB/9 ace starter in the minors, and there's no guarantee that doesn't come back for him. That said, the dude is walking more than he's striking out, and he ain't striking out a lot of folks right now. So...advantage Phillies?

Play ball!