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One run is just too many: Nationals 2, Phillies 1

Sometimes you just need to lose a game.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Here's some news: Tonight, the Nationals became 18-4, equaling the best 22-game run in team history. Congratulations, Phillies, for being involved.Despite the demoralizing nature of the game, the Phillies still hung with the NL East's best, who were only able to get two runs against the worst team in the division starting a back-up long inning reliever who somehow stifled their mighty lineup.

In the second inning, the Phillies tried their trademark method of squeezing a run or two in amid a sea of outs. Maikel Franco's fielder choice put him on first, but neutralized Ryan Howard at second after his lead off double. This successfully downgraded the Phillies from "runner in scoring position" to "runner," while also creating an out. It wasn't until Grady Sizemore struck out that they were able to get Franco across the plate, thanks to Odubel Herrera's two-out double.

See how hard the Phillies worked for your run? Well, I hope you enjoyed it, because Bryce Harper immediately homered in the bottom half of the inning to tie the game.

1-1 after two innings it stayed, with Sean O'Sullivan containing the Nationals and facing down Washington starter Max Scherzer for six innings (Scherzer stayed through eight, just allowing the one run), allowing five hits, two earned runs, one walk, and three strikeouts. In his final appearance, he allowed a lead off single to Scherzer, who scored on Ian Desmond's one-out double. With a one-run deficit, O'Sullivan was removed and the still winnable game went into Luis Garcia's hands. He allowed a hit and struck out two but failed to motivate the offense. Thanks a lot, Luis.

Ken Giles then entered the game, bled a little bit, and left. The Phillies were down to their last three outs, and got a runner all the way to second base off Drew Storen before losing the game.

But but but,

So that's like a win.