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You can head back to the grill now: Mets 6, Phillies 3

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. The Phillies lost.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Another legendary Memorial Day sure to be remembered forever occurred today as the Mets and Phillies opened a series at Citi Field. Ha ha, just kidding. A somewhat forgettable Phillies loss ensued.

Severino Gonzalez got the start for the Phillies, and chose immediately not to be gentle. And neither did the Mets. Which made for an awkward box score, as Severino struck out eight batters, though only stayed for just over four innings, as the Mets knocked him around for six hits and three earned runs. Daniel Murphy singled in Curtis Granderson in the first inning, and Lucas Duda and Michael Cuddyer both tagged Gonzalez for home runs before his departure (Duda's was extra American as it was caught by a Navy crewman).

This was all, early on, a back-and-forth battle, however. Chase Utley knocked in Freddy Galvis and Ben Revere to give the Phillies the lead in the third, but the Duda and Cuddyer jacks put them back behind until Ryan Howard sac flied in Gonzalez himself to make it 3-3.

Yes, Gonzalez had gotten on base, thanks to a walk from Mets starter and American hero Bartolo Colon. Colon failed to disappoint the Mets fans, doing Bartolo Colon things like singling and eliciting the day's loudest cheer at one point.

He lasted six innings, walking two and equaling his Phillies counterpart in both hits (6) and earned runs (3).

In the sixth inning, with Justin De Fratus pitching, the Mets took a far more gregarious lead on a three-run home run by Wilmer Flores. Following a single, De Fratus had walked the previous batter - his first walk allowed in his last 10 starts.

Jeff Francoeur almost sent us all back to our grills in the ninth as he capped off a 1-2-3 final at-bat with a strikeout at the hands of Jeurys Familia - but managed to beat out the throw to first after Anthony Recker bobbled the ball.

"The Phillies need one more base runner to get the tying run to the plate," Scott Franzke reminded everyone as Ben Revere lined out to actually end the game.

The Mets have not lost to the Phillies at Citi Field yet this season and are 6-1 against them in 2015.