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Phillies Stat Notes: Utley making history of sorts

Chase Utley's batting average on balls in play has been only .087 so far this season. That's extremely rare.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Updating the stats through Sunday's games...


Moved up to the 3rd pick in next year's draft, as of now.

MLB Standings

They now have the worst run differential in MLB (-50), and also the worst pythagorean projection (7-19, a 45-win, 117-loss pace).


NL Standings and Key Stats


Phillies' Stats vs. last year, and vs. the Braves


I made a separate section for base running, and added the percent of times that they take the extra base (e.g. going first to third on a single) -- lo and behold, they're last in that as well.




Phillies Hitters

I've mentioned this elsewhere, but it bears repeating: there have been tens of thousands of half-seasons since 1914 (when the data starts), with at least the 94 PAs that Chase Utley has. Let's say there have been 50,000 or so such halves, which should be in the ballpark.

Of those 50,000-some half seasons, only ONE included a batting average on balls in play that was lower than Utley's .087.

Just incredible.