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2015 MLB Draft Open Thread - Day 3

If you're here participating on this thread consider this your Prospect Anonymous support group.

2007 Round 30 Pick Jake Diekman
2007 Round 30 Pick Jake Diekman
Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

The Phillies went both over and under slot through the first 10 rounds and don't look like they'll have an enormous amount of money for overslots later, but they'll have some.

Rounds 11-20 tend to focus on filling the farm with solid Org. guys and Draft and Follow. Sometimes the Org. guys or Draft and Follow guys end up being pieces on the MLB club as relievers, utility players and every now and again you get a Joc Pederson (11th round, 2010)

Rounds 21-30 is where you'll see high value overslot players like Luken Baker and Donny Everett get picked. Essentially you can use any savings from your round 1-10 to pay these guys above $100K without penalty. Most guys from Round 11 on sign for $5-15K.

Rounds 31-40 are largely about drafting High Schoolers with some projectability, but largely to ensure you have full squads in the GCL and NYPL the next 2 years. You still see some overslot selections in this area, but names from the BP Top 200 are usually gone by this point.

The Phillies will select 9th in each round. We will post summaries of picks in bunches, the same as done for Rounds 6-10.