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Cole Hamels plays a prank on us

At least Cole still has a sense of humor.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Guys, it was just a dry run. A Cole Hamels fire drill. He just wanted to see if we'd all freak out.

Uh, yeah, we have some work to do.

After the Phillies 2-1 win (yes, that's right a victory, kids!) on Thursday afternoon at Citizens Bank Park, reporters filtered into the locker room to talk to the players. They also were hoping to speak to the Phils' ace left-hander, who the team announced will miss his scheduled turn in the rotation on Friday because of a mild hamstring strain.

That's when stuff started to hit the fan.

And yes, we all freaked out. Hamels has been a walking trade rumor for a year now, and even though there didn't seem to be the usual smoke that exists online before a deal of this magnitude is made, it was certainly plausible that the team would use a hamstring injury as cover for a trade.

But alas, it was all a cruel hoax.

Ha ha ha ha, we knew it, Cole!

If this was a test, I'm not sure any of us passed.

Well played, Cole. Well played indeed.