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Things still not going great for Domonic Brown

After a brief resurgence in the minors, the former Phillies' starting left fielder has regressed, again.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies are starting to look at their packed stable of aging and/or bad outfielders and realizing that they don't have enough room in the barn. And there's a storm coming. And the glue factory owner owes them a favor. And the big race is coming up. Thi... this one got away from me.

Grady Sizemore's time as a Phillie has concluded, finally. The very nice man's inclusion on the roster seemed odd form the get-go, as he was apparently outperformed by a number of IronPigs in the preseason. In addition to Sizemore's removal, Ben Revere has become part of an, albeit fading, trade rumor involving the Angels and their need for a center fielder. Revere, now in right, has been passed around the outfield as the team decided what to do with him in the wake of Cody Asche's return as an infielder that magically transformed into an outfielder after 15 or so games in the minors.

But still down in Lehigh Valley is Domonic Brown, the Phillies' most prolific slugger of May 2013 and the prospect famously known for not being traded. He's 27 now, which is still young, but he hit .235/.285/.349 last year and after suffering an Achilles' tendon injury in spring training, he was relegated to the DL and eventually rehabbed with the IronPigs. His health back to normal, he, and most others, expected a promotion back to his starting gig in Philadelphia, but the Phillies could only respond... "meh."

So there he stayed, not really hitting the Triple A pitching that he once crushed. It's been a little over a month since #DOMWATCH, the internationally recognized bloghunt stage by The Good Phight in order to track down Brown when he disappeared after the team's failure to promote him. How are things going?

"I'll know," Brown told reporters in late April, when asked when he would be ready. He believed it was his timing at the plate that was the problem. After 93 AB, he was hitting .312, and said "I definitely feel great in the box right now," something not reflected by his numbers at all now, 71 AB later.

And so, we'll just keep sitting here, wondering how this Asche thing will work out, if the Phillies will eventually see what they can get for Revere with Odubel Herrera to take his place, and just what the hell the future holds for the unfortunate enigma who was once their future's brightest star.