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We are still bothering: Cardinals 10, Phillies 1

I'm not sure why we're still bothering, but we are.

Hunter Martin/Getty Images

There's a moment in every game, no matter how bad they lose, where you feel like the Phillies could come back and win. Tonight's 10-1 loss was no exception. In the bottom of the fourth, when the score was still tied 1-1, a single and a walk from Maikel Franco and Domonic Brown (respectively) put two men on base for Cody Asche. Asche, who'd popped a solo homer two innings before (also known as the only offense the Phillies would have for the night), proceeded to ground out to end the inning. In the bottom of the sixth, another single and another walk from Franco and Brown, again, put two men on, and again Asche ended the inning with his bat.

You get the picture.

So yes, the game was mostly bleak. Aaron Harang had another Harang-y start, giving up four runs on seven hits over six innings. Elvis Araujo gave up one run on two hits. But tonight's big loser was Seth Rosin, making his Phillies debut. Things got out of hand almost instantly, as Randal Grichuk doubled off him to lead off the inning. A wild pitch and a single scored the first run of Rosin's two-inning outing, and it most certainly wouldn't be the last. Singles, doubles, sac flies, HBPs, Rosin gave up nearly everything. And five runs to boot. I'm sorry, Seth. It wasn't supposed to be that way. But it is, so what can we do.

The Cardinals had 16 hits tonight. 16.

If I had to pick one announcer quote from the team's latest demoralizing loss, it would be from the 25-30 seconds I accidentally listened to the TV broadcast tonight. Randal Grichuk hit his first of two homers, and Mike Schmidt, ever the philosopher and draft expert, dropped this nugget:

"Now we know why they picked him before Trout."

Um, OK, Schmidt. I'm sure the Cardinals are extremely happy to have Randal Grichuk instead of Mike Trout.

The Phillies have lost 14 of their last 16 games. Here's that stat graphically: