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The Good Phight: Wishing Ourselves A Happy 10th Birthday!

On June 27, 2005, The Good Phight was born. A lot has happened since then.

We can't afford to give dajafi a parade, so this will have to do.
We can't afford to give dajafi a parade, so this will have to do.
William Thomas Cain/Getty Images


That was the headline on the first post on The Good Phight, a digital welcome mat from our own dajafi, on June 27, 2005. And so this little enterprise began.

To say the last ten years in Phillies history have been eventful would be an understatement, if you'll allow me to deploy the tired cliche. We've seen the rise of a divisional dynasty, spanning from 2007 to 2011, the second World Series championship in franchise history, and another pennant. And we've watched dynasty crumble before our eyes.

We've covered nearly all of Ryan Howard's career, most of Chase Utley's, and the latter part of Jimmy Rollins' run in red pinstripes.

In 2006, we waited with anticipation for the arrival of phenom left-hander Cole Hamels, then faced the sad, rational reality that his departure was probably the most important thing for the franchise.

We mourned the loss of an icon, our beloved Harry Kalas, in 2009.

We watched Roy Halladay come to Philadelphia, dominate the National League for two unbelievable seasons, then saw him just as unbelievably turn human overnight. We saw Cliff Lee arrive in Philadelphia, win over the city, leave the city, and then return in probably the most fun night of "Internetting" I'll personally ever have.

Even though my involvement with the site has dwindled in the last couple of years, I am incredibly proud of what this site has become under the leadership of Liz Roscher, who is one hundred times the Blog Lord I ever was. Ten years ago, dajafi, David S. Cohen, jonk, and I, along with others, set forth with the mission to launch the best Phillies website in the world. Under Liz, that has become a reality, and I am and will remain humbled.

You don't want to lay things on too thick, but this really would all be for nothing without you, the readers. If you didn't frequent this site in the numbers that you do, chances are we all would have been fired years ago. Thank you thank you thank you. Thank you.

Many, many thanks also to the above mentioned dajafi, Mr. Cohen, and Mr. jonk, along with some of the early Phighters who did most of the groundwork -- Alex, Stacey, Jeff, Andy, Jared, and Chris.

During the site's Middle Ages -- the Divisional Dynasty -- Eric, taco pal, and PhillyFriar formed a formidable writing crew.

And today's roster is, without a doubt, the best collection of Phillies fan journalists out there. It's an honor and privilege to be associated with you, and I look forward to the email discussion threads! (shhhhh...)

The Good Phight also wouldn't be what it is without Tyler Bleszinski, Eric Simon, and Justin Bopp. Thank you for your guidance and (sometimes tough) love and support over the years.

So, in conclusion, here's to ten years of The Good Phight, and let's hope there will be many more!