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Phillies announce Andy MacPhail as president

Andy MacPhail will take over as Phillies President and Overlord at the conclusion of the 2015 season.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

As was reported by Jim Salisbury earlier today (much to the chagrin of John Middleton and MacPhail himself), the Phillies have named Andy MacPhail as president of business and baseball operations. He'll be in charge of the whole shebang, though Middleton mentioned that they expect MacPhail to focus mostly on the actual baseball part of his new job and not so much on the business side just yet. This will all begin once the 2015 baseball season ends -- until then, MacPhail will join the organization as a special assistant to Pat Gillick, who will stay on as president for the next three months.

That paragraph up there contains the reason why the press conference was called, but it was perhaps the least interesting part. John Middleton, Phillies part-owner, had a lot to say (and not say), and his involvement was probably the most significant part of this press conference. John Stolnis is going to do a recap and unpack everything we learned about Middleton later tonight.

This presser was a dream on almost every level. They weren't just saying words, the words were in the right order and seemed to have meaning and conviction behind them. Here are some highlights, plus some of my favorite tweets from today's glorious press event.

  • Andy MacPhail knows what sabermetrics is, takes it seriously, and said the word correctly, in context, at least four times.

  • The Phillies have purchased a custom built proprietary analytics system that will be installed in September. I'm not making this up. John Middleton actually said this.
  • To prove the adage "You can't put a price on winning" (which is a saying I think I just made up) ownership is not going to put an arbitrary payroll number in front of MacPhail.
    I'm so happy right now.

  • Pete Mackanin will be the interim manager for at least another few games, but that's all that the team would confirm. I'm surprised by that, but this train seems to be moving forward so best get out of the way.

  • The names of Ruben Amaro and David Montgomery were barely spoken at all. In fact, I don't think Montgomery got name checked even once. And Amaro only got mentioned when someone asked what's going to happen with the GM in the future. Considering what a huge role those two have had in the organization (Montgomery had been president for nearly 20 years), this is not a small omission. The Phillies are moving forward, and it seems to be without those two. Excuse me while I throw a small parade.
  • And to wrap up, a few more tweets from our good friends over at Crashburn Alley:

    Are we foolish to be so excited? Maybe, but that's how this works. Baseball will break your heart -- but not always. Maybe this time, our excitement will pay off. I'd say it's worth the risk.