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Baseball Too: Brewers at Phillies Preview, June 29

Presumably we'll have some executives play.

Fiddlesticks! Baseball!
Fiddlesticks! Baseball!
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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Did you guys hear about the press conference thing? Why, if I crane my neck and look up at all the posts above the fold here....yep, there was a big ol' press conference today. But you know what my old pa used to say: "Hey, stop talking about press conferences when there's a damn game on!!!!"

Well, he never really said that, but he probably wanted to, y'know? Anyway.

Probable Pitchers

Jimmy Nelson: Young James -- ah, scratch that -- started the season with a bang and has been okay since, striking out about seven, walking about 3, and giving about one home run up per nine. Not bad for a guy who was touted as a 4-5 starter. Not great when he's your best prospect -- but that's life for the Brewers the past few years, and they probably don't regret their playoff runs, so it's cool. Meantime, Nelson is probably primed to dominate a middling (I'm being kind) Phillies lineup, so maybe pick him up in DFS. Can't hurt!

Sean O'Sullivan: Frankly I'm surprised too that Andy MacPhail isn't pitching tonight, too, but I guess they want him to get used to Philly before he sees the field. In the meantime, the Sean O'Sullivan show comes back to town against a struggling Brewers lineup, but also a Brewers lineup with more than enough pop to give the avuncular hurler a bit of an issue. So, pencil in a homerun, four walks, four strikeouts, and, I dunno, a six spot. Seems right.