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Game 78 Open Thread: Brewers at Phillies

Will the world collapse in on itself when the two worst teams in baseball play each other?

Hunter Martin/Getty Images

It's been a big few days! New manager, new president, could winning be that far away? Yes. Yes it could.

Today, finally, the two worst teams in baseball will face off and decide the question: WHO IS THE WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL (for this small period of time)?! This is compelling stuff, people. And I'm only half kidding. When two teams that are actually at each other's skill level play each other, you get a decent game. The Phillies' series with the Diamondbacks was pretty compelling, and that's what I chalk it up to.

Today's Lineups

Gerardo Parra - LF Ben Revere - CF
Jonathan Lucroy - C Cesar Hernandez - 2B
Ryan Braun - RF Maikel Franco - 3B
Adam Lind - 1B Ryan Howard - 1B
Carlos Gomez - CF Domonic Brown - RF
Jean Segura - SS Cody Asche - LF
Scooter Gennett - 2B Cameron Rupp - C
Hernan Perez - 3B Freddy Galvis - SS
Jimmy Nelson - RHP Sean O'Sullivan - RHP

I'm not sure what anyone can feel when they see Sean O'Sullivan's name other than exasperation, disappointment, and a vague sense of recognition. "Do I know that guy? I feel like I've heard his name before but I can't think of his face." Expectations are low, so there's nowhere to go but up, right!?

In the lineup for Milwaukee is Ryan Braun, who loooooves hitting against the Phillies. In 48 games and 208 plate appearances, he's hit .393/.433/.728 with 17 home runs against the Phillies. And at Citizens Bank Park, it gets even worse. In 22 games and 99 plate appearances -- just under half of his games against the Phillies -- he's hit .407/.465/.866 with 10 home runs.

As I say to almost every pitcher at the end of nearly every game thread, good luck to Sean O'Sullivan. He's gonna need it.

Discuss the game in the comments below.