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Roller coaster (not of love): Brewers 7, Phillies 4

This game was down then up and then up again and then down, down, down down, downnnnnnnn.

This might be the greatest picture of Sean O'Sullivan we'll ever see.
This might be the greatest picture of Sean O'Sullivan we'll ever see.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

When two teams of the same skill level play each other, you think "OK, this could be some compelling baseball." But when that skill level is, well, crappy, it's not so much compelling as it is tragic and sometimes a little sad.

That's the appropriate lead-in to last night's up and down 7-4 loss to the Brewers.

Each team preyed on the other's weakness and took advantage of mistakes. Early on, the Phillies took advantage of an extraordinarily sloppy inning from the Brewers. And after that, the Brewers took advantage of the fact that Sean O'Sullivan isn't very good and neither are the Phillies.

The Brewers got the scoring started right away in the top of the first. Jonathan Lucroy singled, and then Adam Lind doubled him home. The Phillies tied it up in the bottom of the inning with a double from Ben Revere and a single from Cesar Hernandez, and a throwing error from Lucroy. Cesar Hernandez stole second and then took third on a wild pitch. Hernandez made it home thanks to a very bizarre balk from Brewers pitcher Jimmy Nelson.

The Phils added two more in the second inning thanks in part to a double from Sean O'Sullivan. Freddy Galvis had walked, but instead of having O'Sullivan bunt Freddy over to second, they let O'Sullivan swing away. And it paid off! Galvis scored on Revere's ground out, and Cesar Hernandez's second single scored O'Sullivan.

And then the action stopped. The Phillies had produced all the offense they could and just couldn't muster any more. The Brewers kept inching closer and closer until the sixth inning when they took the lead and never looked back. Sean O'Sullivan gave up six runs on 12 hits and took the loss, and his ERA is now a portly, robust 5.76. Yikers.

If any tweet properly illustrates the punchless quality of the rest of the game, it's this one.

ZZZZZZZZZZ. I'm not sure what the Phillies social media guys (or guy, probably) thinks the fans want, but it's really, really not that. If I wanted boilerplate in-game updates that read like tweets from the AP twitter account, I'd follow one of the beat writers. But since showing personality while playing or working for the Phillies is verboten, at least until Andy "I Have A Personality!" MacPhail takes over, that's what we get. A tweet announcing that Justin De Fratus is entering the game with absolutely zero humor. By the way, De Fratus pitched 2 2/3 innings for some reason. There's long relief, which the Phillies seem determined to force him into, and then there's just utter stupid nonsense, which is what that was.

I don't understand. Why are they doing this to him? Do they hate him?

You know who the Phillies twitter account could be talking about? Cesar Hernandez and Ben Revere, who are en fuego right now. Revere has raised his average more than 30 points in the month of June, and Hernandez has upped his by more than 40 points. Hernandez appears to be getting more confident as well, as he's swiping bags with more regularity. We're not seeing the emergence of THE GREATEST PLAYER IN ALL THE LAND or anything, but it's nice to see him succeed.

This win for Milwaukee finally gets them to 30 wins. The Phillies are the only team who haven't won 30 games yet. Today is game number 79, and the Phillies need three wins to get there. They'll try to inch closer tonight when they take on the Brewers at 7:05.