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Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out: Brewers at Phillies, June 30

We stink!

Kurse You Krod
Kurse You Krod
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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If you've been reading along with schmenkman and the rest of us here on TGP, you'll know that we are watching an extremely, extremely bad team that is almost certainly going to get the number one overall pick next June. Great! And hell, if they can reverse sweep the Brewers, all the...better(?) Indeed, the Brew Crew are the second worst team in baseball, currently three games up on the Phillies. If they win tonight and tomorrow, they'll be five up on the Phillies; the White Sox could be the new Brewers if they lose as well, but right now they're number three, five games up on the Phillies.

What I'm saying is that I feel as confident in this team losing enough games to be the worst in baseball as I was in 2011's team winning enough to be the best in baseball. So, that's something! Hail new prospect of the future.

Probable Pitchers:

Taylor Jungmann: Ya vul herr doktor -- Herr Jungmann, eine jugen pitcherbund!

Cole Hamels: Do you think there's a way to write a Cole Hamels blurb without mentioning him being a serious trade target? How about now that MacPhail is on board? Yeah, I thought probably not, but it was worth a try.

While Hamels may not have helped his case for greener pastures against the Yankees last week, I think we can chalk that up to rust and some seeing eye singles. Also the Yankees are the best offensive team in baseball for...reasons. Against a team that's much, much, much worse at the plate, we can at least hope for a nice night for Cole. Hope, mind you, not expect.