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Game 79 Open Thread: Brewers at Phillies

Win! Please win. Please, please, please win tonight's game.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It's Cole Hamels night, everybody! I love Cole Hamels night! There aren't going to be many more of them, so we should all enjoy them before he's wearing another team's uniform and I'm sobbing in front of my TV screaming "WHY GOD WHY" clutching my Hamels jersey in my arms so I can use it as a handkerchief.

But anyway. It's Cole Hamels night! That's a good thing! Because he's still here! For now! Life is short and happiness is fleeting!

Oh thank god for this bunny video. Look at that little bunbun snacking on a raspberry! SO CUTE.

Whew. Things got dark there for a minute. I think it's time for lineups.

Today's Lineups

Jean Segura - SS Ben Revere - CF
Jonathan Lucroy - C Cesar Hernandez - 2B
Ryan Braun - RF Maikel Franco - 3B
Carlos Gomez - CF Ryan Howard - 1B
Aramis Ramirez - 3B Domonic Brown - RF
Gerardo Parra - LF Cody Asche - LF
Jason Rogers - 1B Carlos Ruiz - C
Hernan Perez - 2B Freddy Galvis - SS
Taylor Jungmann - RHP Cole Hamels - LHP

I'd be more positive about tonight if it weren't for this tweet from Jake Kaplan earlier.

That's not very encouraging. And everyone should feel bad for Hamels and Harang, because they don't deserve this. But who knows, maybe the Phillies can do it! Maybe they can win! That will bring them to nine wins this month! Oh Lord, they need to win this game. Not for any real practical reason, it's just that eight wins in a month is utterly depressing.

So, uh, win Phillies! Go win go! Cheer cheer cheer! No seriously please win.

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