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Game 56 Open Thread: Giants at Phillies


Brian Garfinkel/Getty Images


Yeah, you heard me. I said BOOOOOOOOOOO.

Why am I booing? It should be obvious. The Giants are in town.

I don't care how long it's been. As long as I can still remember the 2010 NLCS, I will boo the Giants loudly and lustily. And I definitely still remember the 2010 NLCS, so BOOOOOOOOOOO, I say. BOOOOOOOO!

Today's Lineups

Gregor Blanco - LF Ben Revere - CF
Joe Panik - 2B Jeff Francoeur - RF
Angel Pagan - CF Chase Utley - 2B
Buster Posey - C Ryan Howard - 1B
Brandon Belt - 1B Maikel Franco - 3B
Brandon Crawford - SS Cody Asche - LF
Matt Duffy - 3B Cesar Hernandez - SS
Justin Maxwell - RF Cameron Rupp - C
Tim Lincecum - RHP Jerome Williams - RHP

JEFF FRANCOEUR IS STILL HITTING SECOND. THAT IS A THING THAT IS STILL HAPPENING. Ryne Sandberg is trying to kill me. Not the royal "me", but me specifically. The man is trying to troll me to death. Otherwise why is he doing this? Do you see a reason? I mean, the reason could definitely be that he's incredibly bad at being a baseball manager. In fact, that's probably the reason. But it *feels* like he's trolling me specifically.

Discuss the game in the comments below.