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Deja Deux: Phillies at Reds Preview, June 8

If it feels familiar, it's because it is.

Pictured: An insane thing.
Pictured: An insane thing.
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Stop me if you've heard this one before: a Cole Hamels walks into Cincinnati against a Mike Leake and...oh you have heard this one before?

Yeah, that's because we all have, about one week ago. But here we are again, faced with the exact same matchup, just in a different spot. If I'm complaining now, it's probably circumstantial, as I'd be amped about a good pitching rematch just a week after the first had been decided. Here, though, we have the brilliant-if-not-long-for-this-town-probably Cole Hamels again going up against the underwhelming-even-though-he-flirted-with-a-no-hitter Mike Leake. The moribund Phillies versus the disappointing Reds. To...the death.

...wait I'm getting word that that last bit was off. It's just for nine innings...or to death. Whichever comes first.

Probable Pitchers

Cole Hamels: Remember at the beginning of the year when Hamels struggled in a couple of starts in April like he does every year and everyone was like "LOL Ruben should've sold high!"? Well, Cole has a 2.88 ERA, and while his walks and home runs allowed are still a little elevated, they're coming back to Earth nicely. So, uh, Ruben did a good thing? Yeah, let's move on before we all have to marinate in that too long.

Mike Leake: Last time I made fun of Mike Leake, he almost no-hit the worst team in baseball. Things should be remarkably similar for him tonight as he is against the worst team in baseball yet again, but the Phillies will be without their magic bottom of the ninth this time in Great American Ballpark.

I guess what I'm saying is, if you want to pick up Mike Leake in DFS leagues tonight, I won't hold that against you. I will, however, drink to forget this season and mainly watch the draft. I'd suggest you do the same: doctor's orders.