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Game 59 Open Thread: Phillies at Reds

Reds and Phillies in Cincinnati, and this all feels eerily similar, only in another city.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

To kick off this week, the week of THE DRAFT, The Phillies have traveled many miles to Cincinnati, Ohio to face the team they just faced last week. And you know what happens every time the Phillies face the Reds in Cincinnati: I get to use this clip and sing along with it all night.

You better believe I know all the words to the sweet, sweet extended version of the WKRP theme song. Also, I desperately want any Reds player, any at all, to change their name to Johnny Fever. I kind of want it to be Homer Bailey because that would make zero sense. (Homer Bailey could not have been named anything but that. He's a Homer, through and through.)

But I digress. Tonight's lineup!

Today's Lineups

Ben Revere - RF Brandon Phillips - 2B
Odubel Herrera - CF Joey Votto - 1B
Chase Utley - 2B Todd Frazier - 3B
Ryan Howard - 1B Jay Bruce - RF
Maikel Franco - 3B Zack Cozart - SS
Cody Asche - LF Ivan De Jesus - LF
Freddy Galvis - SS Tucker Barnhart - C
Carlos Ruiz - C Mike Leake - RHP
Cole Hamels - LHP Billy Hamilton - CF

I love Cole Hamels. He's had a lot of success against the Reds, and I hope that continues tonight. Also happening tonight is the MLB Draft! Pay attention to that here on The Good Phight, on, or on MLB Network. Cole Hamels or the MLB Draft? Tough choices.

Discuss the game in the comments below.