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Phillies 2015 Second Round Pick: Scott Kingery, 2B

With the 48th pick in the 2015 MLB Draft, the Phillies have gone to the great state of Arizona to select Scott Kingery, a second baseman from the University of Arizona.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Schmidt stepped to the podium Monday night and announced Scott Kingery as the Phillies' second-round pick, giving the Phillies two (selected) infielders for their first two picks.

Earlier in the night, the team selected Cornelius Randolph 10th overall, but scouting director Johnny Almaraz and others in the organization said they may see him as a left fielder.

So, Kingery may be the lone infielder standing from night one.

John Manuel had Kingery going 34th overall as recently as today. Keith Law had him going 26th in a mock just about three weeks ago. This may turn into a great value pick for the Phillies if things play out the way they are hoping for.

He was the Pac-12 Player of the Year in 2015, and many people actually seemed to prefer him to first-round pick Kevin Newman, a teammate of Kingery at Arizona. (Newman went 19th overall to the Pirates Monday night.)

Kingery played outfield at Arizona, but his future is likely in the infield. A college junior, Kingery could be a player that moves quickly through the organization to get to the Majors. Kingery did spend this season at second base, so he does have some recent experience in the infield. Essentially, Kingery's first two years were in the outfield, and his junior year, 2015, was at second base.

He did play shortstop in high school, so there are ties to the middle infield, and it should not be an incredibly foreign project for him to take on.

What drove Kingery up the draft boards this year was his bat. The bat came alive this season, as he hit .392/.423/.561 with 5 HR and 36 RBI. He has drawn plenty of comparisons to Tigers 2B Ian Kinsler.

A nice Q & A Kingery did with MLB Trade Rumors can be found here, and some video of Kingery can be found below.