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2015 MLB Draft Day 2 Open Thread

Rounds 3-10 today and there are still some pretty good names on the board.

Best players remaining on the board:

Donny Everett, RHP
Mike Matuella, RHP
Dakota Chalmers, RHP
Jalen Miller, SS
Jacob Nix, RHP
Justin Hooper, LHP
Demi Orimoloye, OF
David Hill, RHP
Joe McCarthy, OF
Kyle Molnar, RHP

Other interesting names who I'm personally a fan of to look for today:

David Thompson, 3B
Blake Trahan, SS
Travis Blankenhorn, SS
Mac Marshall, LHP
Skye Bolt, OF
Tate Matheny, OF
Caleb Raleigh, C
Reggie Pruitt, OF

A few quick notes:

  • Matuella becomes a bit of a signing risk at this point. He could go back for his Senior year and, if healthy all year, could get himself back up to Round 1 consideration. If he doesn't get drafted in Round 3, I wouldn't take him at all (If you fail to sign a pick in Rounds 1-3 you get a compensation pick the next year one spot behind the unsigned pick's number the prior year. If you draft Matuella in the 4th round and fail to sign him? Tough luck.)
  • Donny Everett being available makes me think there's a signing risk that wasn't heavily reported. He's a First Round talent.
  • Demi Orimoloye is a great high risk pick if you really like Whitley, but couldn't bring yourself to risk a First Round pick on him. Similar ceiling, rawer tools here. Very much against the strategy Almaraz spoke of before the Draft, but very much in the ol' wheelhouse for the Org.
  • Tate Matheny is Matt Matheny's kid and the Cards are the only team to say they will not draft him, as MAtt doesn't want the kid to have to deal with his Father's shadow while he works his way up.
  • Caleb Raleigh is already a fairly smooth Catcher for a High Schooler, and the Phillies almost always draft Catchers in the top 5 rounds or so. His one weakness as a Catcher is an arm that will be more in the average range. Only other option for him is Third Base, as he's too slow for the OF.