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Phillies 2015 4th Round pick: Kyle Martin, 1B

A College Senior who should be a pretty quick signing and a possible pretty quick riser in the system.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Martin is a 6'1", 240 lb First Baseman who both hits and throws Lefty. He's a Senior at University of South Carolina and here are some snippets on him.

Minor League Ball's Chris Slade from an in person viewing:

He's an obvious choice for a writeup considering he was drafted last season but decided to return for his senior year. That decision looks like a smart one thus far. After hitting just 5 home runs his junior year, scouts questioned his in-game power production at the next level thanks to some length in his swing and contact oriented approach. Martin showed up this Spring having added ten pounds of muscle and that extra time in the gym has made a difference at the plate. He's already cranked out 4 home runs this season in just 69 at bats. Power is definitely his best tool and when he gets of hold of one like he did on Sunday for the walk off winner it leaves the park in a hot second. He's shortened his swing path and has shown an improved ability to get the barrel out in front this year, tapping into his plus pull power more frequently. That being said, he still doesn't possess great bat speed and struggles to catch up to premium velocity which could prove problematic at advanced levels in pro ball. He's also a below average athlete that's limited to first base so he will need to hit, hit, and hit some more at each level in order to not wind up an organizational slugger. Luckily for him, he has this level of baseball down and should make a nice senior sign for someone, perhaps as early as Rounds 8 - 10 if he continues to mash throughout the season.

He did continue to mash. He also managed to steal 11 of 12 bases. Don't be fooled though, he's not anything more than an average runner at best. Compared to 2014 when he was a 20th Round pick, he improved his walks, lowered his K's and boosted his power. Could be a fast mover and seems right in line with 2014 pick Rhys Hoskins. Tough call though, as if he doesn't mash, he's an org. guy only and the slow bat bring Zach Green to mind just muscling pitches out, which is a less effective strategy as you move up the ladder.