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Phillies 2015 5th Round Pick: Bailey Falter, LHP

A tall, projectable Lefty with lots of filling out to do.

The Phanatic compels you to root for Falter!
The Phanatic compels you to root for Falter!
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Bailey Falter is a great name, he's also 6'4" 170 lbs, which means if he turns sideways he may appear to be just a floating head. According to scouting reports he throws a mid-to-upper 80's Fastball that tops out ~87 mph. He doesn't throw much else. He has a 1-7 Curve (on the clock face) and a changeup that exists, kind of.

Reports note he has some mechanical things to clean up like some funkiness in the back of his delivery, though to my eye that hides the ball well and may be something you don't want to totally fix. His delivery is loose and easy and he drives some with his legs. Falter may be the Carlos Tocci of Pitchers, a guy with the tools to be good, but missing the physicality. The goal here is going to be building some muscle on this kid, especially in his spindly legs, so he can drive. If he puts on 20-25 pounds of good weight the next few years he could be a kid able to throw consistent low 90's or higher heat.

They will have to develop a lot on this kid both physically and in terms of stuff. He plain old needs a changeup, his fastball is pretty straight and the curve isn't very tight. I know Almaraz said he didn't want to draft projects, but Falter looks very projecty. Could be a nice payoff down the road, but there's a whole lot of work between here and there.