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2015 Phillies Draft Picks Rounds 6-10

The Phillies made some surprising picks and now the underslots early make some sense.

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Round 6

Tyler Gilbert, LHP - University of Southern California. 6"3", 190 lbs.
Gilbert is a College Junior and is/was a Starter for USC. He spent his first 2 years Pitching for Santa Barbara City College. He was under the radar for the Draft and could be an underslot pick. However because of that, not many details are out there. There are videos though. I like his delivery, it's easy clean and looks pretty repeatable. The arm is slow and I know nothing about his pitches other than, by definition of his role, he throws them. I'm sure we'll find out plenty when NYPL opens.

Round 7

Luke Leftwich, RHP - Wofford College, 6'3" 205 lbs.
Another College Junior, Lefty is a legacy player whose Father and Grandfather both played baseball (also his nickname does seem to be Lefty, ironically per his Twitter). He's kind of this year's Mark Leiter, Jr., a back of the rotation possibility who knows how to pitch better than his stuff is. That said, his stuff is better than Leiter's. He throws a low 90's Fastball. He now holds the Wofford record for Strikeouts in a season with 114 this past season, while only walking 28. That's good control and a sign of a guy who knows how to pitch. He won't be a lights out guy, but he could be a nice Bullpen piece or #4 Starter down the road. Not a bad outcome for Round 7.

Round 8

Greg Pickett, OF - Legend High School (CO) 6'4" 220 lbs.
Pickett Is an overslot pick in Round 8. He was projected as high as the Third Round, but has a strong commitment to Mississippi State. Clearly the Phillies have to be confident they can sign him, otherwise they risk losing the pool money. He's listed as an Outfielder, but it's very likely he eventually gets to First Base Defensively. That puts a lot of pressure on the bat. He does have Plus BP power that he needs to learn to translate to games. Still, several sources noted Grade 70 Power. High Ceiling, as he is noted to have a solid hit tool and uses all fields. HE has nothing else though. Below average run tool; below average arm; below average Defense.

Round 9

Mark Laird, CF - LSU, 6'2", 180 lbs.
The good: 70 grade Speed. The bad 30 grade Power (that may be a little optimistic). Some have noted he could develop power, but I don't see it, he has a contact oriented swing. Essentially, Laird is Ben Revere with a better arm. Probably tops out as a 4th OF, but has some skills that could make him a Leadoff Hitter if he can keep enough average and OBP, even without Power.

Round 10

Joshua Tobias, 3B - Florida, 5'9", 195 lbs.
You might see that Tobias is a Senior and assume this is a guy who will sign for $10k so the Phillies have cash to spend later. You'd likely be wrong. Tobias is a Senior with a ceiling, not just Org. filler. He's small, there's a little bit of power and he has average speed, but he's very versatile and could grow into a super-sub role who could go almost anywhere on the field. His range would be subpar at Short and he'd be a little slow for Center, but could cover either spot in a pinch. He battled injuries last year otherwise he may well have been drafted then, so this isn't your standard Round 10 Sr. draftee. Now, he does lack leverage, so he'll sign underslot, but not that far under. You might save $10-15K here.