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Game 80 Open Thread: Brewers at Phillies

Can tonight's game at least be a smidgen better than last night's game?

[sad Charlie Brown music]
[sad Charlie Brown music]
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, last night was pretty bad. That was a bad game. Cole Hamels did well, and then so many others did bad. (Or badly for you grammar fans out there.) Just... woof. If he's counting down the days before the trade deadline, I wouldn't blame him. This has been like a long, drawn out breakup. At this point, I just want to see him pitch for a team that can fully use his talents. Go and be free, Cole Hamels! Run like the wind and be free! Of course, in this case, "free" actually means "pitch for a contending team", but you get my drift.

Oh well. You can't win 'em all. Or in the Phillies case, any. Lineup time!

Today's Lineups

Gerardo Parra - LF Ben Revere - RF
Scooter Gennett - 2B Cesar Hernandez - 2B
Ryan Braun - RF Maikel Franco - 3B
Adam Lind - 1B Ryan Howard - 1B
Carlos Gomez - CF Cody Asche - LF
Aramis Ramirez - 3B Carlos Ruiz - C
Hernan Perez - SS Odubel Herrera - CF
Martin Maldonado - C Freddy Galvis - SS
Kyle Lohse - RHP Aaron Harang - RHP

Well, OK then. Those are tonight's lineups. I'm searching deep within my soul to find something to get excited about here. Ummm... Aaron Harang! He could maybe possibly be good tonight! There's a nonzero chance of that happening! And Maikel Franco could hit some dingers! He could totally do that! And maybe Ben Revere will be awesome too! OK! Talking with exclamation points is really helping! Or at least that's what I'm telling myself!

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