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Jonathan Papelbon Does Not Appear in All-Star Game

Bruce Bochy chose not to use the Phillies' lone representative out of the bullpen in tonight's game.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

A notable streak ended tonight as Jonathan Papelbon, the only Phillies player selected to the All-Star Game, was not selected to actually appear in said game. This marked the first time a Phillie has not played in an All-Star Game since Curt Schilling was not put in to pitch in the 1998 contest.

There was a brief moment of hope that Papelbon would get to enter the game as he was spotted warming up prior to the 8th inning, but Bruce Bochy looked westward in putting Pirates closer Mark Melancon in for the 8th inning. Papelbon would likely have performed more admirably than NL 7th inning man Francisco Rodriguez, who gave up two runs in his one inning of work.

After his comments prior to the game indicating that he would like it very much indeed if the Phillies would trade him to another team--any other team, he's not picky--it is likely Papelbon wanted a chance to pitch to show teams who aren't into the whole paying-attention-to-other-teams thing that he is a good pitcher who would be a good fit for them. Instead, he was stuck on an NL team that lost 6-3 to the AL. At least Papelbon is used to being on the losing side, unlike many of his All-Star teammates.

Although it does not appear that Papelbon issued formal post-game comments, it is speculated that he noted that he did not come to the National League All-Star team for this, i.e. losing to the American League.

An Update Toward Objectivity

It appears that Wet Luzinski already developed a robust framework on which we can grade Papelbon's performance last night. If you are not familiar with that scale--I was not--it was developed in 2011 to properly assess the contributions of Phillies' solo representatives to their team's efforts at the Midsummer Classic. Please familiarize yourself with this system as you will likely be tested on it again this time next year.

According to the framework, we can only assign one rating to Papelbon's 2015 All-Star Game:

* -Did not appear on field because he did not demonstrate the proper mental preparation or respect from his teammates or manager to warrant playing time.

This One-Star rating is alternatively known as the Ricky Boo. One can only hope Papelbon can get it together for the rest of the season and future All-Star appearances.