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TGP Radio Episode 4: sharing Phillies memories, Papelbon & Hamels

On this week's TGP Radio, The Good Phight's Justin Klugh joined John Stolnis to look back at the first half of the 2015 season and share some horrible memories. Plus, Papelbon, Amaro, and Hamels news.

Jonathan Papelbon is :-(. Cole Hamels is :-(. Ruben Amaro is probably :-(. And, pretty much every Phillies fan is :-(.

Ladies and germs, your 2015 Philadelphia Phillies! This week on TGP Radio, I was joined by Justin Klugh and we talked about the many bad moments, and the one good memory we each have of this sure-to-be 100-loss season. Jonathan Papelbon's All Star Game comments, the future of Cole Hamels and this year's insane HR Derby was also discussed.

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