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Goin' Streakin': Phillies 3, Marlins 1


Hunter Martin/Getty Images

If it weren't for the crappy teams, the Phillies would have no chance to win any games this year. So thank you, baseball gods, for inventing the Marlins and Jeffrey Loria and Dan Jennings, who notched 10 hits tonight with only one of them crossing the plate. The Phillies won 3-1, and the Phillies have extended their winning streak to... two.

I actually didn't see too much of tonight's game, but like most people who were paying attention (all 25 of us), I was confused when Chad Billingsley came out of tonight's game strangely early. Billingsley started tonight's game and threw five shutout innings, allowing just four hits and allowing the Phillies to maintain an early 3-1 lead. And then he was taken out of the game. It seemed mysterious, since he'd been doing so well. After the game, we learned some less-than-good news.

Billingsley has missed two years over the course of his career with elbow issues, so this is actually sucky news, "precautionary" or not.

Also sucky? Jake Diekman, who was brought in to replace Billingsley at the start of the sixth inning. He continued his uninterrupted reign of suck by allowing the first two hitters to reach: Ichiro Suzuki and Martin Prado. Prado doubled, which scored Ichiro, and then Christian Yelich made it to first on a fielder's choice. Justin Bour struck out before Diekman was taken out, but Bour has to be a made up last name because look at it, is this guy even real? Jeanmar Gomez replaced Diek, and thankfully he got the Phillies out of the inning. Ken Giles pitched the eighth inning, getting up to 100mph, and Jonathan Papelbon closed it out.

I don't know about you, but I don't think Papelbon gets there. At least not with the Phillies. Please, god, please not with the Phillies.

As I mentioned, I didn't see much of tonight's game.

Some of my fine twitter friends and fellow TGP contributors saw these tweets as an opportunity to make up their own game facts. A delightful, delightful opportunity.

Which one is my favorite? I can't choose. I love them all equally, just like they're my own squirming Phanatic larvae.

The Phillies can sweep the Marlins tomorrow with a win. I'm reminding you of this now so you'll go to sleep with good thoughts of the game that lies ahead. Don't think about the myriad ways the Phillies could screw it up. Don't, because tomorrow will come soon enough.