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Rays asked to recall horrible memories of losing World Series to Phillies

The Tampa Bay Times ran a story in which it pulled out the repressed memories of a heartbreaking, season-ending loss played in horrific weather conditions.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We'll take any excuse to talk about the 2008 World Series, and with the Rays coming to Philly, The Tampa Bay Times is giving us one by running this story, which features first person accounts by a few of the Rays who were with the team when they lost to the Phillies during that magical ice storm from hell.

It's not something any of the interview subjects really wanted to do, however. Rocco Baldelli literally says "I hate doing this" to start things off. But they managed to get past the obvious trauma and relate just how truly awful it was.

As any out-of-town media outlet does, though, this piece exists mostly to just blast the Philadelphia sports fans, most of whom had spent the entire month nesting as a single, drunken collective in K Lot.

Some highlights:

Bullpen catcher Scott Cursi: "There was a kid by the bullpen cursing at us and there was a cop there just laughing."

Pitching coach Jim Hickey: "At one point [my ex-wife] went to get the security guard, who was actually an on-duty police officer, and he laughed at her and didn't help at all."

Rocco Baldelli: "It didn't seem like the people of the city were happy that their team was in the World Series. It seemed like they were more happy and excited to take out their anger on the opposition and to degrade us."

That sounds, uh, terrible, and I'd like to apologize on the behalf of uh

Mmm, um, sorry. What were we talking about?