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Get Out The Vote: #WriteInFranco

Maikel Franco, the Phillies' only position player deserving of an All-Star vote, is not currently in the top-5 of voting among third basemen. The cause, however, is not lost. Hope remains. What is required is action.

"Why aren't you voting for me?"--Maikel Franco
"Why aren't you voting for me?"--Maikel Franco
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I announced the arrival of a grassroots, guerrilla campaign to elect Phillies rookie third baseman Maikel Franco to the All-Star Game, The Midsummer Classic, if you will.

In the initial post, I was kind enough to provide answers to questions a reasonable person might raise upon hearing of this campaign. For instance, I eased the readers' concerns that it might be unethical to vote 35 times from as many different email addresses as possible. I wrote up a handy how-to guide to navigating the Write-In process on the current MLB All-Star Ballot. Not that it matters, but I even provided some rough-and-ready numbers-based justification for Franco's worthiness as an All-Star.

Despite all this, when the final pre-vote-closing voting update was released on Tuesday, I couldn't help but notice that Franco did not appear among the top-5 vote-getters at the third base position. Ahead of him were four worthy candidates, to be sure, in Matt Carpenter, Todd Frazier, Kris Bryant, and Nolan Arenado. But, sitting in fifth was David Wright. David Freaking Wright. David Wright has appeared in eight (8!!!) games this season and zero (0) since April 14th. In those eight games, Wright performed admirably, but, nonetheless, the man has 11 total hits on the season. Maikel Franco has 10 home runs. Let me restate that: Maikel Franco almost has as many home runs as David Wright has hits.

To put it bluntly: this is some shit. Phillies fans should be ashamed of themselves. Here I am maxing out voting on 5 different email addresses (personal, old work, girlfriend, mom, I bribed even bribed the Cardinals to procure the password for Jeff Luhnow's) and what have y'all done? Well, it's hard to say exactly what you've done since MAIKEL FRANCO DOES NOT EVEN APPEAR IN THE FREAKING TOP-5 IN VOTES AT HIS POSITION, but I venture that "fuck all" is an accurate enough description.

While I answered your questions in the first post for Franco, I now have some questions for you, the lazy non-voter.

Why are you not voting for Franco?

There are two explanations here. The first is that you are too damn lazy to open a new tab in your web browser of choice and cast the necessary votes. I get that the write-in procedure is more laborious that checking a box for Cody Asche and the like. I get it. The best things in life, however, are not often easy to attain. Making Maikel Franco an All-Star fits that description well. That doesn't mean it's not worth your effort.

The second reason you may not be voting for Maikel Franco is that, despite my efforts last week, you remain unconvinced of his worthiness for your vote. Compared to the top-5 vote-getters, Franco still trails only Todd Frazier in wRC+, a catch-all offensive statistic adjusted for park and league. He is lapping the field in batting average, leading the second-best among the four non-Wright players in the top-5 by nearly 20 points. If dingers are your thing, he only trails Todd Frazier and Nolan Arenado in HR/PA and Arenado doesn't really count because he plays half his games at Coors Field.

The case is there to be made. Is he the most worthy of the available candidates? Probably not. But, since when does that matter? Franco is worthy and you are not making a joke out of your vote by voting for him.

Do you have internet access?

Yes, you do. You're reading this post, which, as far as I am aware, is only available in online form. If you haven't voted yet, leave this page now and cast your 35 votes for each email address you know about.

Do you want to be recognized for your vote?

I get it, we live in an age of social media in which all consumption and activity is conspicuous. We all like to be recognized for our accomplishments with hot Twitter retweets and favorites. Here's the deal, then: When you cast your 35 votes, tweet a picture of the confirmation with the hashtag #WriteInFranco. I will personally retweet and "fav" all such tweets.

Do you need a high moral cause to motivate you?

Every vote for Franco is a vote against The Man. Not Chase Utley, the man, mind you, but The Man. Big Brother, the government, the establishment, THEM. That sort of thing. Other teams are hyping their candidates, like the Reds in the following tweet:

This shameless self-promotion should make you sick. The Phillies, perhaps due to general social media incompetence above all else, have not once, by my count, pandered for votes for Franco. They are letting his performance do the talking. And talk his performance has. #WriteInFranco is a noble, humble cause. Stand up for what is right!

Are you just a procrastinator? Do you need a looming deadline to get things done?

How's this for a deadline: All-Star voting ends at 11:59 pm EST TONIGHT, a mere 13 hours from the time of posting. If you're in California, say, that means you have to vote by 8:59 pm your time. That sucks, I know. You might have to vote at happy hour to get your 35 or more votes cast in time. How about this for an idea though: get your friends at happy hour to vote too! Socializing in our time is everyone sharing experiences on their smartphones. Bond with your friends and even make new ones by inviting them to join the cause and #WriteInFranco with you.

Were you unable to find the ballot on

This is totally understandable. The website is sometimes difficult to navigate. There are all sorts of auto-playing videos, engaging news stories, memes, GIFS, what-have-you to sift through. Skip past all that and just click on this link, which will take you directly to the All-Star Ballot.

The time is now and the cause is just! #WriteInFranco and save the world from the scourge of the other third base candidates. Will Maikel Franco be an All-Star in 2015? Well, that's just up to you, isn't it?