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Cole Hamels rumors latest: Boston out? L.A. still in?

The Cole Hamels trade market remains fluid, and the Phillies have told teams they want their final offers by today. And while the rumor mill hasn't been churning out quite as much speculation as it was on Tuesday, there are a few nuggets out there to catch up on.

Rob Bradford of WEEI in Boston is reporting that Boston appears to be on the outside looking in on the Hamels sweepstakes, with Cole's no-trade clause a stumbling block for both sides.

With sources confirming late Tuesday night an earlier ESPN report that the Phillies were asking teams for their last and best offer on Cole Hamels, it appears the Red Sox aren't a likely landing spot for the pitcher.

According to one major league source, Hamels' no-trade clause — that prevents the Phillies from dealing the 31-year-old to a list teams, one of them being the Red Sox — continues to be a roadblock when it comes to the Sox acquiring the lefty. It seemingly has been an issue throughout the team's pursuit of Hamels.

It is believed that the Phillies may be focusing on teams that have shown significant interest and are not on Hamels' 20-team no-trade list.

It sure feels like Boston missed their window, if there ever was one.

The Dodgers landed a starting pitcher on Wednesday afternoon, reeling in Mat Latos from the Miami Marlins. It will be interesting to see how this affects the Dodgers' interest in Hamels, given that L.A. has now locked in at least one starter for the stretch run.

However, Latos is more of a back-end starter, a No. 4 or No. 5 starter, and the Dodgers were always looking to add two pitchers, an "ace" and a back-end guy.

Of course, the Tigers are still undecided on what they're going to do with Price, but at the moment, it's possible L.A.'s urgency to add Cole could be waning.

There is one other team that could make life difficult for the Hamels market.

Shields has not had a very good year, especially away from San Diego, and his deal doesn't quite jive with his production. Jack Cashner and Tyson Ross are both promising pitchers who are also having down years.

If teams like the Dodgers, Cubs and Rangers are looking for a controllable ace, Hamels is still clearly the best option. But if the price tag is too high, they may turn their attention to San Diego's cadre of arms.

***UPDATE 1:45PM ET***

There isn't another Phils beat writer as plugged in as CSN Philly's Jim Salisbury.

My confidence level is now near 100% Cole Hamels is going to be a Ranger.