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The Good Phight Game Recap Standings: An Important Statistical Survey

Ever wonder whether certain authors are tailsmans for the Phillies? How about which guarantee a poor outcome for the team? 81 games in to the season, we can start to analyze these effects with confidence.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout this season, I have been keeping meticulous records of game recap standings in which each writer's performance in influencing wins and losses has been recorded. The goal of this project was to provide analysis that might be valuable when the Phillies play meaningful games. Think about it: Game 7 of the 2018 NLCS. Do we want John Stolnis to recap the game or should we make a call to the bullpen and bring in RyneHorde to lead us to victory? Important questions, these.

So, without further ado, here are your game recap standings through 81 games of the 2016 season:

Writer W L Pct
David S. Cohen 1 0 1
dajafi 1 0 1
Phrozen 3 2 0.6
LTG8 4 5 0.4444444444
John Stolnis 6 10 0.375
Eric Chesterton 5 9 0.3571428571
RememberthePhitans 1 2 0.3333333333
Justin Klugh 3 7 0.3
Liz Roscher 3 9 0.25
Victor Filoromo 0 5 0
Trev223 0 3 0
RyneHorde 0 2 0
schmenkman 0 0 0
Peter Lyons 0 0 0
Wet Luzinski 0 0 0
Jay Polinsky 0 0 0
Cormican 0 0 0

Points of #Analysis

  • Fair play to David S. Cohen and dajafi who netted an early win and went out on top. Both TGP originals, they have clearly learned a thing or two about winning the game recap regular season.
  • Victor Filoromo, the site's newest writer, is 0-for-5 in his recaps. Don't let anyone tell you there is no rookie hazing in sports blogging.
  • Not a lot of fluky medium-size sample stuff, as these standings are a banner study of regression to the mean. Everyone who has recapped nine or more games finds him or herself right in the middle of the standings while those who recap fewer games occupy the extremes. Go fundamental statistical principles! Ignore for the moment that this also suggests that there is no skill to recapping games.
  • For the next Phillies playoff series, we would be forced to go to a three-man rotation under our current construction. David S. Cohen, dajafi, and Phrozen have combined to go 5-2 (.714). Extrapolated over 81 games, those three would have the best record in baseball. As the Phillies rebuild around Aaron Nola, J.P. Crawford, and Maikel Franco, The Good Phight will build around these three.
  • We look forward to calling up prospects schmenkman, Cormican, Peter Lyons, and the Polish contingent of Wet Luzinski and Jay Polinsky after the All-Star Break. We hope they will join Cohen, dajafi, and Phrozen as key members of our rebuilding effort.
  • Liz Roscher has been the Sean O'Sullivan of our staff--eating mad innings and delivering very little in the way of positive results for her efforts. This is admirable work that someone needs to do--recapping the 2015 Phillies is not a glamorous endeavor. We're all crossing our fingers for her extended health. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome would be a real bummer for the rest of us.
  • To the original question of who among us are talismans, a surprising number have out-performed the 2015 Phillies. Kudos to me, John Stolins, LTG8, Phrozen, dajafi, and David S. Cohen. If we recapped all of the games, the Phillies would definitely have a .435 winning percentage, or a 35-46 record, which would put the Phillies ahead of the Marlins in the NL East.
  • Regarding those among us who curse the Phillies, Justin Klugh, Liz Roscher, Victor Filoromo, Trev223, and RyneHorde have gone 6-26 (.231), which is not good. They'll need to step up their game to make the cut for our eventual playoff roster of recappers.
  • RememberthePhitans is the Phillies. He is 1-2 in the recaps, which is the same winning percentage of the Phillies. Perhaps he should consider changing his blogging handle to EmbodythePhitans.
We'll be back with some Game Recap Standings #analysis at the conclusion of this season.